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Wickstrom Rapid Tooling is now part of JunoPacific

JunoPacific is pleased to welcome Wickstrom Rapid Tooling to our portfolio of service offerings & topline capabilities.

It’s what drives success in the medical device market. It’s been said that the first company to market with a new medical device gets 70% share while the competition fights for the remaining 30%. That difference is what drives differentiation, brand and sales growth. With strong product design and DFM capabilities at its core, JunoPacific now adds quick turnaround, limited-life tooling capabilities to its product and services offering. For 20 years, Wickstrom has provided the California Bay Area’s medical device development community with the capability to produce injection molds and production quality parts in days, not weeks.

Wickstrom is Northern California's premier quick-turn tooling and lower–volume injection molding company. For more than 20 years, Wickstrom has provided expert tooling for companies specializing in medical devices.

Wickstrom collaborates closely with industry giants and innovative start-ups at the early design phase of new device development. Wickstrom’s expertise and agile nature guarantees a quick response, fast turnaround, and delivery of optimum-quality production-grade parts in a fraction of the time and cost of conventional molding companies.

Wickstrom specializes in small and medium quantity production runs using aluminum tooling capable of running up to 200,000 shots, as well as full production steel tooling. Based on Wickstrom’s expertise and innovations in custom injection molding processes, Wickstrom is poised to take your designs from CAD drawings to production-grade parts in record time.

The Wickstrom Advantage

The Wickstrom Advantage is a combination of many things. We are located in the heart of one of the most active medical device development markets in the world. We have experience working in this fast paced environment where time is money for companies that require parts and assemblies for ergonomics, testing, animal studies, clinical trials, etc. Our ability to turn tools around quickly and with high quality fit and finish provides our customers with a competitive advantage when it comes to getting new products to market.

Not only does Wickstrom understand how to maximize the potential of aluminum for limited production tooling, but now Wickstrom Injection Molding offers a further advantage: leveraging the information gained during limited-production aluminum tooling to seamlessly move your parts into full production steel tooling.

Furthermore, with the joining of Wickstrom and the capabilities of JunoPacific, we can facilitate the move of production to our FDA registered molding, assembly and packaging facilities in Santa Cruz and Minneapolis.

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Wickstrom's Services

Throughout Wickstrom's twenty-year history, it has conducted repeat business with industry leaders by routinely solving complex injection molding challenges. Wickstrom achieves what other injection molding companies claim is impossible.

Here is a partial list of what we can do for you:

  • Design Consultation
  • Prototype Molding
  • Prototype Modeling
  • Insert Molding
  • Injection Over-Molding
  • Limited Production Aluminum Mold Tooling
  • Full Production Steel Mold Tooling
  • EDM Machining
  • Hand-Loaded Inserts
  • Pad Printing
  • Assembly
  • First Article Inspection
  • Conformance Certification
  • Custom Packaging

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Wickstrom FAQ

What if the plastic parts to be molded are intricate, with very small openings and tight tolerances?

Some people may think that you can't do very intricate work with an aluminum injection mold; but the reality is that there usually is a way to do it and do it well. We take pride in not only doing it well, but in short turnaround times so that you can make your demanding production deadlines.

The quick turnaround is nice, but isn't aluminum more for prototypes and for maybe 50 to 100 parts while steel tooling is the way to go for a lot of quality parts?

Wickstrom has a proven track record and a lot of satisfied customers who will verify that it is possible to turn out over 200,000 production grade parts using aluminum molds. When you're ready for millions of parts we will simply move on to steel molds and make the transition seamless.

What makes your process so much better?

At Wickstrom, we approach your project from a machinists' perspective. Over the years we've developed a skill set that has even wowed engineers who think they've seen it all. Its not so much a special sauce as it is years of working with aluminum in many different ways. At Wickstrom, we like to think outside the mold.

So what kind of turnarounds are we looking at?

If you take the example of the soft soap dispenser, the spout mechanism has about four interlocking parts. You could have all four of these components manufactured and molded in a three-week time period. If this were to be started in Class A steel tooling you're looking at three months, minimum.

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