Operational Excellence

In today’s competitive environment, companies that deliver the most value to their customers compete most effectively. This principle drives Operational Excellence at JunoPacific.

At JunoPacific, we strive to build on a culture that embraces employee engagement, which in turn supports a rigorous Continuous Improvement culture through the implementation of our Cell Operating System. Every employee seeks to drive waste out of our business and manufacturing processes to constantly improve our ability to exceed our customers’ expectations and lead the industry in Safety, Quality, Value, and On-Time Delivery.

Elements of our Operational Excellence program include:

  • Leadership by our Director of Operational Excellence, a highly trained and experienced leader focused on growing a culture of continuous improvement across JunoPacific
  • Employee development:
    • Lean Office workshops through our Cretex University
    • Lean Leader certification program to develop leaders who have a passion for continuous improvement
    • Lean Practitioner Certification Program to educate our leaders on Lean tools, principles, and culture
  • Tools used:
    • A3
    • Leaders’ Standard Work
    • Toyota 8-Step Problem Solving
    • Process mapping
    • Kaizen
    • “Common Cent$”, our employee engagement / continuous improvement program
    • Root cause analysis – 5 Whys / Pareto analysis / Ishikawa (Fishbone)
    • Tiered Management Systems
    • Visual Management Tools