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Supporting Your Startup

JunoPacific takes your medical device design from concept to launch with an outstanding track record of success in the industry.

  • Prototypes to high volume production in combined 70,000-square foot of manufacturing space
  • Experienced engineering support
  • Sheet-metal to stampings to precision machining with the Cretex Medical Group
  • Lighting response to your changing needs
  • Local: located near the heart of silicone valley and the twin cities
  • Understanding your need with a management team that got their start in the small business community

Medical Device Manufacturing Medical Device Manufacturing Medical Device Manufacturing

Trust. Successful medical device manufacturing is built on it. You are designing medical devices to accomplish a variety of goals and serve a multitude of needs, but what you are really selling, to doctors and to patients, is trust: trust that your medical device will work the way you have designed it to work, every time. Trust that it will improve their experience, their success, their treatment, their outcomes.

Both your business and your success in the medical device industry is dependent on the industry's ability to trust your work and your reputation. And what you are looking for as you begin to craft your device is a device manufacturer you can trust to lead you successfully through this complex process.

There is a roadmap for designing and building a medical device and releasing it into the marketplace. You don't have to navigate this roadmap on your own. The design and engineering team at JunoPacific are experienced industry medical device product architects with hundreds of successful products in their portfolio, an intimate knowledge of FDA device approval processes and pitfalls, a nuanced understanding of what medical doctors are looking for, and how to optimize a medical device for the end user experience.

Speed to Market

Our product development cycle from concept to market

We support our customer’s development activities at every stage of the process. The newly acquired rapid tooling capability at Wickstrom give us the ability to produce tooling and parts much more quickly, and of higher production quality than ever before. While JunoPacific has given its’ customers great support in the later stages of bringing a product to market for many years, we now provide best-in-class up-front development support.

The Medical Device Design LifeCycle

How JunoPacific Gets Your Medical Device to Market Faster

It's not uncommon for a medical device engineer at a development firm to get halfway through their product design before they pick up the phone to call us at JunoPacific for a design and manufacturing consultation.

JunoPacific can help your engineering and device design team at any stage in the design process, but at JunoPacific, we want to help your teams understand why calling us early saves you money and produces a better result. With over 20 years of experience, our production team is more effective and efficient, saving you time, money, and multiple iterations by partnering on your medical device product design before your device design concept is fully fleshed out.

Throughout this Medical Device Lifecycle section, JunoPacific aims to bring you the entire medical device product design life cycle, illustrating in full how we have developed a system of device planning, record keeping, and product testing at each stage in this product design development cycle, a meticulous process that has assured an astonishing level of success throughout our company's tenure. At JunoPacific we are tireless advocates for integrating our medical device product advisory services with your planning team early on – it is from our experience and our track record with the FDA for stage II and stage III devices that we can confidently say: early collaboration between your team and ours has helped design teams nail their milestones, bolster their product performance, and improve their total business outcomes. JunoPacific's 56 years of experience is now our roadmap, because it has been proven again and again. Let JunoPacific be your medical device design partner; utilize our long experience bringing new medical device designs full circle from concept and design, to completed sales and successful adoption.

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