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Medical Injection Molding

JunoPacific produces high quality custom plastic components for your medical device assembly.

  • 53 custom plastic injection molding machines ranging from 20 to 440 tons of clamp force
  • Class 100,000 (ISO class 8) and Class 10,000 (ISO class 7) manufacturing clean rooms and environments
  • ISO 13485, ISO 9001, and FDA registered facilities
  • Parts ranging from micro-molding up to 100 square inches
  • 4 and 8 corner processing window studies utilizing the latest in scientific molding techniques
  • Continuous monitoring of critical dimensions and CpK tracking
  • Multi-shot molding and reel to reel insert molding for improved productivity and part design
  • Processing expertise in: PEEK, Ultem ®, TPEs, Radel ®, Tecothane ®, PSU, Delrin, LCP, Lexan ® andother demanding medical materials
  • Decorative laser and pad printing, hot stamping, labeling, sonic welding, assembly, and other value-addedsecondary operations

Medical Device Manufacturing Medical Device Manufacturing Medical Device Manufacturing

When it comes to medical molding, cleanliness is paramount. At JunoPacific, we audit all our clean room manufacturing environments quarterly to insure we remain within the ISO designation for particulate count. JunoPacific works harder to insure a clean environment for medical device manufacturing by using all electric presses and transporting the resin to the barrel utilizing a vacuum system, keeping all hoppers and driers outside of the injection molding manufacturing area. Additionally, we use electronic heater cartridges to achieve full crystallization with higher heat materials.

Quantitative Production Tracking

Medical Plastic Injection Molding -- Numbers you can count on

By maintaining meticulous medical device manufacturing history records, JunoPacific can provide zero-defect manufacturing.

  1. New plastic injection molding tools are subject to a rigorous processing window study. Once process parameters have been established, they’re programed into the machine controller so the same process can be used every time. This decoupled injenction molding approach also allows us to switch machines but use the same parameters within cavities.
  2. Full first article inspection reports are generated on each new injection mold using our state of the art clean room equipment.
  3. Part-critical dimensions are checked frequently to track and maintain our CpK values.
  4. Training records are maintained for each of our operators.
  5. First and last retains are kept for each run.

Kanban and Just-in-time Delivery

Keeping clients' medical device manufacturing product lines running smoothly

Upon request, JunoPacific can implement Kanban stocking for just-in-time (JIT) delivery. Implemented with an extremely high success rate, JunoPacific helps clients reduce their inventory to run lean.

Instead of forecasting demand, and pushing inventory to meet that demand, JunoPacific keeps inventory for you in-stock per a kanban card you can pull from as needed.

A History of Precision Medical Device Manufacturing

Serving our customer plastic injection molding needs since 1954

For over 65 years, JunoPacific has been meeting and exceeding our clients’ needs for high quality, high-precision custom plastic injection molding and manufacturing parts. In the ever-more demanding medical plastics field, JunoPacific is proud to be part of the Cretex Medical Family. This allows us to respond to our clients' needs with both agility and the resources of a $200M manufacturing group.

JunoPacific understands the demands placed on a small, medium, and large cap medical device company, so we offer just-in-time and kanban delivery, ensuring your manufacturing supply lines never go down. Our two manufacturing locations in California and Minnesota provide redundancy for disaster recovery as well as strategic partnerships with key overseas vendors.

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